Chicago Office Cleaning Company

We provide a wide range of services which is tailored to meet the requirements of the customers. We ensure quality in our services and our office cleaning checklist is made to maintain efficiency in the work we undertake.
Cleaning office is a routine work which requires people who work with commitment, hard work and punctual. Our strength is trained staffs who meet the requirements effectively. They are available before working hours and stay throughout the day and leaves after the employees leave the office. This ensures cleanliness through the day and the employees can start a fresh day with a great feeling of well being.
Corporate office cleaning has become a great priority so as to satisfy the employees and stakeholders who visit the offices. Our objective is to maintain cleanliness in the office as well as the premises.
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Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning Chicago offers general services like:
  • Floor mopping
  • Wiping office desks
  • Dust removal and spraying
  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning lunch rooms
  • Cleaning and disinfection bathrooms
  • Trash removal

We make sure that cleanliness is maintained at each space of the office. There is office cleaning schedule and this helps in ensuring that the office employee’s work is not interfered. The building cleaning service staff undergoes cleaning services before the office employees arrives. Washrooms are always kept clean and lunchrooms are cleaned during office hours. The trash is removed everyday during intervals and after the office hours.

Additional Services Includes

  • Window cleaning
  • Stripping and Waxing
  • Spray buff
  • Cleaning carpets
  • Green cleaning
  • Cleaning services for post construction
  • Recycling
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The extra service delivers extra effort in maintaining a good environment. Windows and carpets need to be cleaned every now and then because that affects the reputation of the offices. Our carpet cleaning office helps to make the carpets clean and stripping and waxing of the floor is undertaken to get rid of dull floor. Green cleaning is required to ensure the health of the employees. It is a headache to clean pos construction and with our extra service we transform the space into good working environment.We bid for office cleaning services at competitive prices.

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Our Company is licensed and insured for the operations we undertake so as to secure the company. If the customer is satisfied with the bid the company has to enter a contract for office cleaning. The customer can rely upon these contracts and can maintain the contract. The contract period is decided upon the interest of the customers. All the general services comes under the contract and if the customer wants extra service, that has to be mentioned in the contract as it incur extra cost as per the bid. Ours is professional and dependable company which helps in maintain good atmosphere indoor and this is a way to show your employees that you care for them.